1. Checkout master (git checkout master)
  2. Pull latest changes from upstream (git pull)
  3. Create an entry in _changes/ for the current date and write in the changes since the last version. Easiest way to do this is to copy the previous file and update it. (Yes those double --- lines at the top of each file are required)
  4. Commit (git commit -am "Prepare release 20XX-YY-ZZ")
  5. Tag (git tag -a 20XX-YY-ZZ -m "20XX-YY-ZZ")
  6. Checkout gh-pages branch (git checkout gh-pages)
    • If you don’t have a gh-pages branch locally, run git checkout -t origin/gh-pages.
  7. Merge in master (git merge master)
  8. Push both branches (git push --all)
  9. Push tag (git push --tags)